Saturday, May 24, 2008

Facebook Job Hunt Tips on Youtube

Funny, you can find how to use facebook to hunt job in Youtube.

1.Facebook and Your Job Search

2.How to get a design job at facebook 101 with Rob Goodlatte

3.Job Talk: Social Networking Edition

4.How Facebook Can Help In Your Career Search

5.MYSPACE FACEBOOK: Employers Are Watching

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jobfox- Get hunted!

Jobfox is the inspiration of Rob McGovern, who was the Founder and former Chairman and CEO of   As it claims,  Jobfox is a job matching site.  Recently, Jobfox is named a Red Herring 100 Award Finalist, as it's said to be leading the next wave of innovation.

To experienced, create your resume for free, Jobfox then will match you to the jobs- which I think it's something like Jobster, but Jobfox seems to be more professional and direct to the target, but without video resume, without social networking.  You can check sample profile here.

Instead, Jobfox help you to create a flash-based Experience Map, which recruiters may love- intuitionistic and convenient.  Recruiter and you can easily check your skills, education and working experiences.

My work type picture can make the employers know whether you are his target, both people type and task type.  As Jobfox describe:

Transformer - Transactor
Description: Transformers combine interpersonal sensitivity with powerful social networks and definite leadership impact. Transactors combine thoughtful analysis with the driven pursuit of goals. They enjoy challenges and can be relied upon to deliver results.

By well defining and branding yourself  in Jobfox, employers are happy to hunt you!  Save time.  However, Jobfox can't let you connect to employers, you don't know who will you contact.  What you do is only waiting... may flaw, but not a big problem.

Monday, May 19, 2008

6 Tips for Twitter Job Hunting

Every day, about 510k people publish tweets and it's still growing sharply according to Alexa. Many employees even hiring managers from lead company such as IBM, Google and Apple, recruit in Twitter.

It's said that Twitter is a next-generation instant messaging tool. You can get immediately response after your request for the postion. Further more, you can build your career network here.

Recently, my friend Kevin filled a envious engineering position in SF bay area via Twitter. I was amzing and ask him for the tricks. He share with me that twitter could not only use to chat and blog , but also could build your personal brand and career network. 7 tips here may be useful:

1.Build your personal brand

  • Be true- Important! Your profile must be real or nobody will hire you.
  • Be yourself- You must let recruiter who you are. About more info URL, Kevin recommend me put the LinkedIn, Jobster profile or other could present your skills. Bio must brielfly summrize your
  • Be active- Twitter can make you industry expert.

2.Track your dream jobs in real time

Twitter IM device let you get the information of your ideal jobs immediately.

  1. First, add your IM device. Now, Twitter supports GTalk, LiveJournal and Jabber. Go to Twitter device, input your instant messenger address. Simply add to the IM.
  2. Then, you can track. Want a SEO (search engine optimiazation) jobs, type "track SEO jobs" and send to the bot. It will update while there publishes SEO jobs. OK, you can also track vacancies from specific company, industry and postion.
  3. Final, Twitter may update frequent, at this time, you need to limit your location, your industy. I recommend you use GTalk for it's easy to find the history in your GMail(you must setting it in you GTalk at first).

3.Search most updated openings

Many twitter applications supports the real time search in Twitter. When the job published, you can get the most recent information by searching Summize. For more search tool, find here in Delicious.

4.Connect to your target company

OK, after you find your right job opening, ask company employee to refer. It seems Twitter is not the place. However, it is. More effective, more efficient than LinkedIn.

You can directly contact the information publisher, follow him/her, send him/her message. In Twitter, use "@somebody" to send public messages. You may show your eager to have the job, ask him/her the detail. It'll response secondly- only 30 seconds- my best record. :-)

Of course, here is also easy to connect to the company employee. Find jobs in Indeed, search referrers here. Use TwitterMind to search users from the company. @them and ask for refer.

5.Expand your network

You can be an industry expert in Twitter. Expand your network in your field. Follow industry experts, follow their friends (may also experts), network with them, ask them, announce the news or answer their questions. A lot will follow you then. If you want a new job, just in your Twitter, is that cool?

6.Get advices all over the world

Of course, you must have many followers or following much guys. If you have some problem, either interview tips, or salary information, put them in Twitter. Advices all over the world run to you! I love it.

Although, Twitter recruitment may be not very hot now. However, it'll be! More and more companies will in for the convenient and effective.

Start Tweeting for your next career now!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

LinkedIn Secret: Don't Ask, But Network

Recently, I read "Employee Referral Program Killers" written by Dr. John Sullivan which is been coined the unofficial "Godfather of referrals". I've confuse about the point 5 which he point out that allowing "I found you" referrals.

But what does "I found you" mean? Actually, if I long for a ideal company, I may visit LinkedIn, find the employee in this company, then contact him and ask for referral, this is what Dr. John Sullivan called "I found you". He said in the article that it will kill the employee referral program, I think does that also mean LinkedIn will be the killer! I e-mail him and ask it. Thanks for his kind reply, I know it's not the fault LinkedIn, but it's mine. In the email, he told me that company employees must use LinkedIn to build relationships, after that happens, refer the best.

Therefore, don't ask for referral in LinkedIn, but network. Join LinkedIn and build your career network. Here, I've collect some tips for your information:

1. Build your brand in LinkedIn, use your LinkedIn Profile as resume, by Alison Doyle, writer from

2.Becoming a Promiscuous Linker on LinkedIn by Shally Steckerl, CEO of Job Machine.

3. Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, by How to Change the World.

4.Expanding Your LinkedIn Network by Simon Meth, a Staffing Consultant and Executive Coach.

5.Join a LinkedIn Group, find Invitation here.

6. At last, I'd like to present you a video here-LinkedIn - 5 Tips to quickly build your network:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

10+ Social Networking Sites for Job Hunting

According to University of Notre Dame, Approximately 70% of all jobs are found through networking! At least 50% of the jobs that are filled are never advertised, most career counseling professionals estimate. So how do people find out about these opportunities? Current employees will often tell their networking associate when a position is opening and/or help those associates get interviews. With this statistic in mind you can see how valuable this step in your job search is.

However, many people don't know where to find his/her lucky when he/she want to change his work, especially when he/she job - hop with industry transition. You know, I know little people in my target job(may new industry, category or company), but how could I get hired? How could I find my right referrer? Thanks to Web 2.0, thanks to social networking sites(click here to origin), we can easily find and connect to the future.

Since 2004, tens of thousands of companies piling in to social networking space. We’ve picked out more than 10 that should help job seekers get ahead:

General Network:

  1. Myspace- Largest SNS, music, movie job like.
  2. Facebook- Second largest SNS, many professions are gather here.
  3. FriendSter-Friendster is a leading global social network emphasizing genuine friendships and the discovery of new people through friends.
  4. Yahoo! 360°- For people interested in the same topic.
  5. Ning- Create Your Own Social Network for Anything, present your skills here.

Job Hunt Network:

  1. Jobster- Build career network and get found by employers.
  2. Jobirn- Build professional job referral network, instant response from company employees and recruiters.
  3. Alumwire- Real-time on-line career fairs where recruiters are matched with an alumni network.
  4. Yahoo! Kickstart- the professional network that connects college students with alumni and professinals, owned by Yahoo!.
  5. Zubka- Based in the UK, find jobs for yourself and earn money for referring friends to other jobs.
  6. WhoToTalkTo- The first personal job referral exchange.

Business Network:

  1. LinkedIn- Professional business network, 20M+ people varies from IT professional to student, cover almost every function.
  2. Plaxo- Another "LinkedIn", own by Comcast.
  3. Xing- relationships for the world’s business professionals.
  4. Twitter- Microblog, could chat and search jobs here. Many recruiters gather here.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Job Hunting 2.0- Effective and Efficient!

What about Job Hunting 2.0

Today is 2.0 world! More and more people addict to Facebook, LikedIn, Digg and Twitter. Of course, they not only use web 2.0 to play, chat and share, but may also recruit here. Job Hunting 2.0 is a blog dicussing job hunt by using web 2.0. We will publish articles to tell the secret of hunting job by Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs.

Why Job Hunting 2.0

In traditional way, you may first submit your resume to job boards like,, or direct email to the company human resource department. What next? Waiting, waiting, waiting...finally, no response! Tens of thousands of resume sent may you get a job- a lot waste of time and money! But how could we do if a world only has job board, classified and job search!

However, it's different today. Web 2.0 such as Facebook, LikedIn and Twitter will change your job hunt- 10 times more effective and efficient. You can direct contact to hiring manager, you can get the most updated information, you can build your personal brand, you can get advice from company employee, even you can be hunted. Here we'd like to share you the secret of job hunt 2.0.

If you work online or want to get your job 10 times more effective and efficient then Job Hunting 2.0 is the site for you. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get started. Keep focusing us!