Sunday, May 18, 2008

LinkedIn Secret: Don't Ask, But Network

Recently, I read "Employee Referral Program Killers" written by Dr. John Sullivan which is been coined the unofficial "Godfather of referrals". I've confuse about the point 5 which he point out that allowing "I found you" referrals.

But what does "I found you" mean? Actually, if I long for a ideal company, I may visit LinkedIn, find the employee in this company, then contact him and ask for referral, this is what Dr. John Sullivan called "I found you". He said in the article that it will kill the employee referral program, I think does that also mean LinkedIn will be the killer! I e-mail him and ask it. Thanks for his kind reply, I know it's not the fault LinkedIn, but it's mine. In the email, he told me that company employees must use LinkedIn to build relationships, after that happens, refer the best.

Therefore, don't ask for referral in LinkedIn, but network. Join LinkedIn and build your career network. Here, I've collect some tips for your information:

1. Build your brand in LinkedIn, use your LinkedIn Profile as resume, by Alison Doyle, writer from

2.Becoming a Promiscuous Linker on LinkedIn by Shally Steckerl, CEO of Job Machine.

3. Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, by How to Change the World.

4.Expanding Your LinkedIn Network by Simon Meth, a Staffing Consultant and Executive Coach.

5.Join a LinkedIn Group, find Invitation here.

6. At last, I'd like to present you a video here-LinkedIn - 5 Tips to quickly build your network:


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