Saturday, May 17, 2008

10+ Social Networking Sites for Job Hunting

According to University of Notre Dame, Approximately 70% of all jobs are found through networking! At least 50% of the jobs that are filled are never advertised, most career counseling professionals estimate. So how do people find out about these opportunities? Current employees will often tell their networking associate when a position is opening and/or help those associates get interviews. With this statistic in mind you can see how valuable this step in your job search is.

However, many people don't know where to find his/her lucky when he/she want to change his work, especially when he/she job - hop with industry transition. You know, I know little people in my target job(may new industry, category or company), but how could I get hired? How could I find my right referrer? Thanks to Web 2.0, thanks to social networking sites(click here to origin), we can easily find and connect to the future.

Since 2004, tens of thousands of companies piling in to social networking space. We’ve picked out more than 10 that should help job seekers get ahead:

General Network:

  1. Myspace- Largest SNS, music, movie job like.
  2. Facebook- Second largest SNS, many professions are gather here.
  3. FriendSter-Friendster is a leading global social network emphasizing genuine friendships and the discovery of new people through friends.
  4. Yahoo! 360°- For people interested in the same topic.
  5. Ning- Create Your Own Social Network for Anything, present your skills here.

Job Hunt Network:

  1. Jobster- Build career network and get found by employers.
  2. Jobirn- Build professional job referral network, instant response from company employees and recruiters.
  3. Alumwire- Real-time on-line career fairs where recruiters are matched with an alumni network.
  4. Yahoo! Kickstart- the professional network that connects college students with alumni and professinals, owned by Yahoo!.
  5. Zubka- Based in the UK, find jobs for yourself and earn money for referring friends to other jobs.
  6. WhoToTalkTo- The first personal job referral exchange.

Business Network:

  1. LinkedIn- Professional business network, 20M+ people varies from IT professional to student, cover almost every function.
  2. Plaxo- Another "LinkedIn", own by Comcast.
  3. Xing- relationships for the world’s business professionals.
  4. Twitter- Microblog, could chat and search jobs here. Many recruiters gather here.


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