Friday, May 16, 2008

Job Hunting 2.0- Effective and Efficient!

What about Job Hunting 2.0

Today is 2.0 world! More and more people addict to Facebook, LikedIn, Digg and Twitter. Of course, they not only use web 2.0 to play, chat and share, but may also recruit here. Job Hunting 2.0 is a blog dicussing job hunt by using web 2.0. We will publish articles to tell the secret of hunting job by Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs.

Why Job Hunting 2.0

In traditional way, you may first submit your resume to job boards like,, or direct email to the company human resource department. What next? Waiting, waiting, waiting...finally, no response! Tens of thousands of resume sent may you get a job- a lot waste of time and money! But how could we do if a world only has job board, classified and job search!

However, it's different today. Web 2.0 such as Facebook, LikedIn and Twitter will change your job hunt- 10 times more effective and efficient. You can direct contact to hiring manager, you can get the most updated information, you can build your personal brand, you can get advice from company employee, even you can be hunted. Here we'd like to share you the secret of job hunt 2.0.

If you work online or want to get your job 10 times more effective and efficient then Job Hunting 2.0 is the site for you. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get started. Keep focusing us!