Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jobfox- Get hunted!

Jobfox is the inspiration of Rob McGovern, who was the Founder and former Chairman and CEO of CareerBuilder.com.   As it claims,  Jobfox is a job matching site.  Recently, Jobfox is named a Red Herring 100 Award Finalist, as it's said to be leading the next wave of innovation.

To experienced, create your resume for free, Jobfox then will match you to the jobs- which I think it's something like Jobster, but Jobfox seems to be more professional and direct to the target, but without video resume, without social networking.  You can check sample profile here.

Instead, Jobfox help you to create a flash-based Experience Map, which recruiters may love- intuitionistic and convenient.  Recruiter and you can easily check your skills, education and working experiences.

My work type picture can make the employers know whether you are his target, both people type and task type.  As Jobfox describe:

Transformer - Transactor
Description: Transformers combine interpersonal sensitivity with powerful social networks and definite leadership impact. Transactors combine thoughtful analysis with the driven pursuit of goals. They enjoy challenges and can be relied upon to deliver results.

By well defining and branding yourself  in Jobfox, employers are happy to hunt you!  Save time.  However, Jobfox can't let you connect to employers, you don't know who will you contact.  What you do is only waiting... may flaw, but not a big problem.


. said...

I signed up for Jobfox and love the psychological test results -- that means I agree with them. Two problems. Answered a lot of questions but didn't have any idea how the data would be used. The spider web of my experience does not represent me at all and I have not taken the time to see if it can be fixed. Second, if I am correct, I get one resume. I now have an "addendum" section on my resume that a tailor for every job search to highlight skills and experience highlighted in the job spec.

Having said that the job boards and de-personalized resumes that recruiter send to companies cannot tell the story about me I tell in my blog and web site. Jobfox is a step in the right direction, more Enterprise 2.0.

Insiders Referrel said...

I'd love to hear so much about jobfox from you. Yep, Jobfox is very ideal for people to be hunted. Therefore, you should present yourself, a lot of questions is certainly. However, I think if they can automatically detect from resume to make experience map.


Hoang Xuan said...

I would like to join your group
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Hoang Xuan said...

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Trademark and Trade Name: Where memories are made
Establishment: 2002
Company License: 0807/2008/TCDL - GP LHQT in 2008 by the Vietnam National Authority for tourism (VNAT) as an international tour operator.
Main Business:
- International and Domestic Ticketing.
- International Tours .
- Local Tours .
- Documentation.
Tax Identification Number: 0102316404
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- Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA).
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South Pacific Travel was established in 2002 and granted an international tourism operating license number: 0807/2008/TCDL - GP LHQT in 2008. We are a member of South Pacific Group, mainly do business in tourism fields including inbound, outbound, logistics, tourism services and visa arrangement, etc. We offer the perfect blend of local knowledge and experience paired with international expertise and standards. All of our staffs work for desire and share a passion beyond your expectation. Because we love what we do, and feel proud of our services your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Hoang Xuan said...

Discover the splendors of Halong Bay aboard the Halong Phoenix Cruiser, a wooden junk that combines classic beauty with modern comfort. Designed with Asian traditional junk, with 20 cabins, luxurious and elegant restaurant, Halong Phoenix Cruiser was launched in January 2009. The boat boasts romantic wooden fixtures, a multitude of windows to make the most of the amazing views, and a spectacular upper deck for your total relaxation. From the moment you step onboard, you will feel pampered. Our professional crew and experienced captains can take you to explore tranquil scenery in the safest conditions.

Junk's name Deluxe Halong Phoenix Cruiser 1
Year in Operation 2009
Built By South Pacific Travel, JSC
Length 37.5 m
Beam 8 m
Height (with mast) 8.75 m
Cabin 16 (6 double, 10 twin rooms)
Generator 4,500 KVA
Creq 12
Cruising Speed 12 nautical miles/hour



The Halong Phoenix Cruiser boasts a total of 16 deluxe cabins with measuring of 14 m2 each. The cabins also decorated with its own air-conditioned, private ensuite, bar fridge, and rustic rattan furnishings private toilets. What sets our rooms apart through is our attention to details: wooden paneling, crisp white linen, and colorful. All suites have romantic water views, allowing you to enjoy the bay from the privacy and comfort of your own room.


Challenge for the feeling of natural Beauty
Halong Phoenix Cruiser - Full day trip with kayaking
Wallowing in the beauty of nature with Deluxe Phoenix Cruiser
The mythical way to islands


Located in the head of the junk, with area for check in/out, this Luxurious restaurant is designed to serve 40 customers with separate tables and chair carved with precious wood. Customers will be served with delicious food as well as romantic sightseeing in the bay Cuisines offered on board with topics: traditional Vietnamese cuisines.


On the top deck passengers will find the sunset station with cloth roof. This is the ideal place from which to soak up the atmosphere of the bay, perhaps whilst enjoying an exotic cocktail served by waiters. Guests can be tanning themselves for relaxing.