Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Try "indeed jobs .com" -- Awesome Case!

By Jobirn - Web IM based recruiting network Manager!

I did a search in Google Trends to research the job's market. I found a very interesting keyword "indeed jobs .com", you can find the search volume sudden went up months ago, what happen when people search "indeed jobs .com"?

Find "indeed jobs .com" on Google Trends:

I think there are some possible why people search "indeed jobs .com":
"Indeed jobs .com" is 3-word keyword. People knew indeed, but don't know it's url, so they query indeed as first?

But why add "jobs" in "Indeed jobs .com", I believe people are worry google can't return the right result for "indeed" is a very common word.

Why add ".com" to the keyword "
Indeed jobs .com"? For there are also, people need ensure the right place to find jobs, so they query ".com" into the keyword "Indeed jobs .com".

What about your opinion about
"Indeed jobs .com"? Let me know.


G.A.Miller said...

My answer is that its simply to recover "" ...a rapidly rising job search site w/ the feel of Google. BTW: I noticed your follow request on my Twitter acct (gam1357), but have no idea who you are.

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