Friday, June 6, 2008

Jobirn - Hunt Job in Real Time


Recently, Jobirn launches its private beta version.  Jobirn is a job referral network that connect both company emmployees and job seekers. 

Jobirn is total a revolution of online recruitment.  According to survey by ERE Media, employee referral is the most effective way, 20% average more than job board or social networking site.

Therefore, how does it work?

In tradition,  anyone who seek a job should go to job board or classified to search tens of thousands of positions, whether the ideal company, the ideal industry or even the position. Then, he/she submit the resume, waiting for responsing.  It'll be very long, even as long as years.

Now, you can direct contact to the most iniative referrers from the lead companies at JobirnJobirn is referral network that connect applicants with company employees.   That's say find job through people instead of resume!

Image: online members

As Jobirn descibed itself:

Jobirn makes connecting easy through features available inside the website such as video conferencing, chat and thousands of jobs. Our site helps job seekers get a referral to their ideal job, and company insiders find the right candidate. If you are a hiring manager or a recruiter, Jobirn is also a free recruitment platform.

Jobirn provides feature tools that makes communication easily:

1. Single-Paged Ajax Application - clear and fast;

2. Video Interview - real time;

3. Instant messenger chat - now support Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger & AIM.

Here is the quick view:

Image .Instant Messenger Chat

Image .  Chat Session

Image . Company List

Also, you can build your network in Jobirn.  Employees from Google, Yahoo!, Oracle and Microsoft are all alpha testers using Jobirn for referral.

Image . Google members

Image . Network-Contact List

Connect and talk to me at: jackchang@jobirn.